Transfer / Posting Orders

Description Date Download
Transfer Order of General Manager(C/M) 04/02/2022 Download View Document118 Kb
Transfer order  of Manager (F&A) 03/12/2021 Download View Document120 Kb
Transfer order of Officers of HPPCL 26/11/2021 Download View Document148 Kb
Officer order  of Transfer  Sh Santosh Kumar (Electrician) 26/11/2021 Download View Document106 Kb
Officer order of Transfer  Sh. Sunil Kumar JO (Geology) 26/11/2021 Download View Document104 Kb
Officer order of transfer Sh. Suminder singh (Clerk) 26/11/2021 Download View Document104 Kb
Transfer order of  Santosh kumar and Ramesh Kumar Electrician. 20/08/2020 Download View Document 90 Kb
Posting order of Dy.General Manager (C/M) 18/05/2020 Download View Document139 Kb
Posting order of Dy. General Manager (C/M) 14/05/2020 Download View Document652 Kb
Posting order of Dy. General Manager (C/M) 11/05/2020 Download View Document175 Kb
Posting order of Dy. General Manager (C/M) 06/05/2020 Download View Document163 Kb
Transfer order of Manager (C/M) 30/11/2019 Download View Document133 Kb
Transfer order of Er. Naveen Gupta and Ram Paul Sharma 16/11/2019 Download View Document141 Kb
Transfer order of Er. Pawan Kumar AGM (C/M) 23.08.2019 Download View Document 67 Kb
Transfer Order of AE (civil)  Thana Plaun HEP 03.08.2019 Download View Document 87 Kb
Transfer order of Junior officer (P&A) Corporate Office 30.07.2019 Download View Document 85 Kb
Transfer order of AFO  Ranuka Dam 23.07.2019 Download View Document 76 Kb
Transfer order of personal Assistant Sawra- Kuddu HEP 5.07.2019 Download View Document0
Transfer & Postion of Sr. Finance Officer  Sainj HEP 29.05.2019 Download View Document368 Kb
Transfer & Posting of  Sr. Manager & Manager Sainj HEP  18/12/2018 Download View Document353 Kb
Transfer & Posting of Er. Poonam Binjolkar and Er.Bhuvnesh Sharma 15/11/2018 Download View Document515 Kb
Transfer& posting of Rajan Sharma Manager(F&A)& Pratima Pathania Sr. Manager (F&A)  05/11/2018 Download View Document348 Kb
Transfer & posting of Ranjana Thakur steno Typist. 24/10/2018 Download View Document381 Kb
Transfer & posting of Pardeep Mehra Manager (C/M) 29/10/2018 Download View Document434 Kb
Transfer & posting of Sanjay KumarJE(Elect). 29/10/2018 Download View Document392 Kb
 Transfer & posting of Rajesh Guleria Sr. Manager & Sunil Kumar Dy Manager (C/M) 29/10/2018 Download View Document458 Kb
Officer order regarding Transfer & posting of M.K. Sharma AGM to SKHEP  27/08/2018 Download View Document304 Kb
Office order regarding transfer & Posting  to STK-HEP 24/08/2018 Download View Document318 Kb
Office order regarding transfer & Posting of Er. Kashmir Singh 20/08/2018 Download View Document201 Kb
Office Order regarding  transfer & posting of Er. Raj Kamal Rana 20/08/2018 Download View Document205 Kb
Transfer order JO(F&A) 04/04/2018 Download View Document392 Kb
Transfer order of Er. Viney Kumar Manan and Raj Kumar 29/03/2018 Download View Document509 Kb
Transfer order Er.Pardeep Singh Rohela And Er. Anshul Soni 15/09/2017 Download View Document659 Kb
Transfer order of Beldar corporate office to IKHEP 25/08/2017 Download View Document511 Kb
Office Order regarding placement of service of Rajeev Guleria AE(CM) at the disposal of HPPCL. 01/02/2017 Download View Document480 Kb
Office Order regarding transfer of charge. 07/11/2016 Download View Document470 Kb
Office Order regarding further posting of Diploma Holders AE(CM) HPSEBL on secondment basis in HPPCL. 26/10/2016 Download View Document582 Kb
Office- Order regarding Er, Pawan Kumar Tandon Hand over his charge. 05/10/2016 Download View Document229 Kb
Office- Order regarding Er. Pawan Kumar Tandon is hereby posted at Jussi (Sunni)dam 29/09/2016 Download View Document261 Kb
Office order of Sh Kishor Thakur Dupty Manager (P&A) 21/12/2016 Download View Document216 Kb
Transfer order of Er. Hari Singh Bansal AE (Mech) tempororily 19/09/2016 Download View Document262 Kb
Transfer/posting Orders of JE (E) of HPSEBL on Promotion as AE (E) and on secondment in HPPCL. 19/09/2016 Download View Document536 Kb
Office Order regarding promotion of JE(Electrical) as AE(Electrical) in HPSEBL  19/08/2016 Download View Document735 Kb
Office order of Girij Kumar and Dila Ram as APO E1 level.  29/07/2016 Download View Document 45 Kb
Transfer/Posting Orders of Sr. Manager (Civil/Mech)at E6 level. 28/07/2016 Download View Document477 Kb
Office Order regarding transfer of Smt. Bhawana Sharma JO(R&R), HPPCL 06/07/2016 Download View Document208 Kb
Office Order regarding transfer orders of CHDM of HPPCL 24/04/2016 Download View Document313 Kb
Office Order regarding transfer and posting of hppcl 24/04/2016 Download View Document309 Kb
Transfer order of sh Virender Kumar Sharma Engineer (Elect) 27/02/2016 Download View Document259 Kb
Transfer Orders of Vishal Sharma Engineer(enviroment) 26/02/2016 Download View Document485 Kb
Transfer and postong order 19/02/2016 Download View Document590 Kb
Transfer order and posting of Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari Private Secretary 11/02/2016 Download View Document477 Kb
Transfer order/cancellation order JE(civil) 27/01/2016 Download View Document597 Kb
Transfer order in respect of sh Krishan Lal and Sh. Pritam Singh HDM 27/01/2016 Download View Document484 Kb
Transfer Order in respect of Engineer Sh. Hemant Kumar Gupta 23/01/2016 Download View Document563 Kb
Transfer Order in respect of Sr. Manager Sh. Bhuvnesh Sharma 23/01/2016 Download View Document475 Kb
Transfer Order in respect of Sr. Manager Sh. Kali Dass 23/01/2016 Download View Document508 Kb
Transfer order in respect of engineer (Envn) Rahul and Vishal Sharma 23/01/2016 Download View Document594 Kb
Promotion /transfer order in respect of Er. D.S.Verma 23/12/2015 Download View Document522 Kb
Endorsement of HPSEBL Order 457 in respect of Chief Engineer (General Manager ) Civil. 22/12/2015 Download View Document828 Kb
Posting Orders In respect of Sr. Executive Engineers placed vide HPSEBL Order No. 456. 22/12/2015 Download View Document462 Kb
Transfer order of Mrs Archana Sharma JE(C/M) 11/0//2015 Download View Document504 Kb
Transfer Orders in respect of Engineers Pushap Raj and Sunil Gupta. 10/09/2015 Download View Document482 Kb
Transfer order in respect of Engineer Rajesh Saklani and Vikas Sharma. 10/09/2015 Download View Document585 Kb
Transfer oreder in respect of Finance officer Smt. Tanvi Thakur and Munish Kapatia. 10/09/2015 Download View Document504 Kb
Transfer Orders in respect of Engineers/Assistant Engineer Anshul Soni & Rajesh Kumar 07/09/2015 Download View Document998 Kb
Transfer order of Sh Shammi Kumar and Mohinder Singh (JE Civil 20/08/2015 Download View Document559 Kb
transfer order of Sh. Sanjeev Kumar and Chander Mohan (JE Civil) 20/08/2015 Download View Document553 Kb
Transfer order of Sh. Subhash Chand Dhiman. 11/08/2015 Download View Document274 Kb
Transfer order of Sh. Amar Prakash Thakur. 11/08/2015 Download View Document262 Kb
Transfer order of Er. Anshul Soni Engineer(Mechanical). 28/07/2015 Download View Document574 Kb
Transfer order of sh. Rajneesh Chauhan JO (F&A). 04/06/2015 Download View Document458 Kb
Transfer order of Er. Shyam Lal Dogra AGM (C/M) 03/06/2015 Download View Document443 Kb
Transfer order of Sanjeev Kumar Surveyor. 06/01/2015 Download View Document656 Kb
Transfer Orders of Er. Onakar Nath Sr Manager (C). 29/12/2014 Download View Document464 Kb
Posting Orders of Er. P.K.Tandon on Promotion as SE (DGM). 22/10/2014 Download View Document507 Kb
Posting order of Er Roop Manager (c/m) Shomgtong- Karcham HEP. 15/10/2014 Download View Document457 Kb
Transfer Orders Shabnam Bhardwaj, Sr. Assistant HPPCL 14/10/2014 Download View Document529 Kb
Transfer order JO/JE HPPCL 8/09/2014 Download View Document457 Kb
Transfer order Sh. Sandep Singh Pathania AE HPPCL. 8/09/2014 Download View Document518 Kb
Transfer Order_SR. Manager (CM) HPPCL. 27/08/2014 Download View Document679 Kb
Transfer order of JO/JE (CM) HPPCL 25/08/2014 Download View Document270 Kb
Cancellation of Transfer Orders of Sh. Pankaj Khosla HPPCL. 25/08/2014 Download View Document429 Kb
Transfer Orders of Akhil Thakur JO (IT) HPPCL. 23/08/2014 Download View Document540 Kb
Transfer Orders of Finance Officers & Officials 23/08/2014 Download View Document525 Kb
Office order regarding transfer of Sh. Hemant Bhardwaj, JO (IT) HPPCL. 05/08/2014 Download View Document273 Kb
Office order regarding transfer Er. Pankaj Khosla Hppcl. 04/07/2014 Download View Document427 Kb
Office order regarding transfer/ posting Hppc 02/07/2014 Download View Document912 Kb
Office order regarding transfer/ posting Er. Rajesh Kumar HPPCL. 02/07/2014 Download View Document441 Kb
Office order regarding transfer/posting hppcl 21/06/2014 Download View Document801 Kb
Office order regarding Transfer of GM/ Chief Engineer(Civil/Mechanical),in Hppcl. 20/06/2014 Download View Document 3 Mb
Transfer Orders of Engineer-Assistant Engineer (Civil) in HPPCL. 22/05/2014 Download View Document 1 Mb
Posting Orders of Er. Dev Raj upon his placement in HPPCL as Sr. Manager (E). 26/02/2014 Download View Document436 Kb
Postings Orders of Er. Suresh Kumar upon his placement in HPPCL as Sr Manager (E). 26/02/2014 Download View Document408 Kb
Transfer of junior officer/junior engneer(c/m) is hereby ordered with immediate effect. 07/02/2014 Download View Document478 Kb
Posting Orders of Er.Prem Chand Sr.Xen Placed in HPPCL upon his Promotion as Sr.xen(CM). 17/02/2014 Download View Document426 Kb
Transfer of Computer Operator in HPPCL Office order 10/02/2014 Download View Document 1 Mb
Transfer of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in HPPCL Office order 04/02/2014 Download View Document951 Kb
Posting Orders of Er. Ashok Sharma AGM upon his promotion as GM. 01/02/2014 Download View Document524 Kb
Posting Office Order in respect of JEs promoted as AEs in HPSEBL and placed in HPPCL. 13/01/2014 Download View Document921 Kb
Posting Orders of Er. Prithi SIngh on his Promotin from AEE to Sr. Manager (Civil) 10/01/2014 Download
Transfer & Posting Orders in respect of Sr. Manager (Civil) 10/01/2014 Download View Document522 Kb
Office orders regarding transfer/posting in respect of Executives of HPPCL/HPSEB. 17/12/2013 Download View Document538 Kb
Office oreders regarding transfer/ posting in respect of executive of HPPCL/HPSEB. 10/12/2013 Download View Document564 Kb
Additional Charge to General Manager CC & General Manager Civil Designs of SKHEP & TM & TP HEP respectively 01/10/2015 Download View Document547 Kb
Posting Orders of AEE (E) Promoted as Sr. Xen (E) in HPSEBL. 19/12/2013 Download View Document538 Kb
Posting Orders of AEE (E) Promoted as Sr. Xen (C/M) in HPSEBL 17/12/2013 Download View Document564 Kb
Office order regarding additional Charge of Director. 12/09/2012 Download View Document0


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