Nakthan HEP

Nakthan HEP is being conceived as a Run-of-River project on Tosh Nallah/Parbati River (a left bank tributary of Beas River) in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. The Project envisages the construction of the diversion barrages across Parbati river and Tosh Nallah conveying the water so diverted through two independent HRTs to meet at a common point followed by a single HRT of bigger diameter terminating into an underground surge shaft which conveys water through pressure shaft (two vertical limbs to facilitate the construction) thus, utilising a gross head of approximately 697.75 m and feeding underground power house having four machines with total installed capacity of 460.0 MW (4 x 115.0 MW). The discharge from the power house is conveyed through tail race tunnel (TRT) into the Parbati River. The project is expected to generate 1548.31MU of electricity in 90% dependable year.

Capacity 460MW
Design Energy (in 90% dependable year) 1535.11 MU
Gross Head 696.08 m
Barrages Parbati Tosh
Height (Above Deepest
Foundation): 15m.
Length of Barrage at Top: 44m
Height(Above Deepest
Foundation): 17m
Length of Barrage at Top: 20m
Penstock/Pressure shaft 4.20m Diameter, 1848.38m long, 4 No. Unit Pressure Shaft: 2.1m Diameter, Length (PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4) 55.72/34.54/37.1/37.1
Head Race Tunnel Parbati Tosh
5.0m Diameter, 7472m Long 3.1m Diameter, 2896m Long
Combined HRT 5.60m Diameter, 1864.52m Long
Power House Underground, Power House Cavern (Incl. Service Bay) 132.0(L)x20.5(W)x45.5(H),
Village Nihare Thach & Wanshil Thach
Tehsil Bhunter
District Kullu
State Himachal Pradesh
Nearest Access Nearest Airport Bhunter (Kullu)
Nearest Railhead Kiratpur
Nearest Highway NH 21
Last Updated On 14/06/2018