Preamble of Resettlement & Rehabilitation

Acquisition of land generally induces change in land use pattern and can disturb the economic base of Project Affected people whereas efforts are made to minimize the land acquired and not displace too many families. Sometimes it becomes unavoidable and when this happens it is important that the affected families get due care and attention. Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation being a responsible corporate entity is taking utmost care in Resettlement and Rehabilitation of its Project Affected Families (PAFs), whose land, house and other assets have been acquired or the source of livelihoods have been affected.

With proper Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan, an amicable relationship with Project Affected Families (PAFs) can be maintained which is essential for efficient operation of the project. It is generally seen that the displacement during acquisition of land is involuntary and the PAFs have to face a new social setup. During such transition period, the rural economic environment is generally transformed into higher cost of living and reduction in traditional sources of income. In general, PAFs face difficulty to cope with the new environmental set up.

Therefore, the HP Power Corporation Limited hereby adopts the Acts and Policies of the Central and State Government so as to , working with a commitment to make the lives of affected people better than what it was before land acquisition. HP Power Corporation Limited has framed people friendly Resettlement & Rehabilitation(R&R) Plan for its Projects which Plan has been approved by the Government of HP and also been adopted as the standard R&R Plan for all hydropower projects in the State.

Last Updated On 20/04/2022