Sainj HEP

Sainj HEP has been contemplated as a run of the river development on river Sainj – a tributary of River Beas in Kullu Dist. of HP. The project comprises of a diversion barrage on the river Sainj near village Niharni, intake arrangement on right site of barrage for drawing 35.88 cumecs of water, an underground de-silting arrangement with two chambers of 145 m x 15 m x 7 m size each to eject all silt particles down to 0.2 mm. Water is further carried through water conductor system comprising a 6300 m long 3.76 m diameter modified horse shoe shaped Head Race Tunnel, an underground restricted orifice type 9 m diameter, 87 m high surge shaft and one 2.75 m diameter 550 m long steel lined pressure shaft taking off from surge shaft, further bifurcating to feed two Pelton vertical axis turbines, each generating 50 MW power located in an underground power house on right bank of river Sainj near village Suind. The project is expected to generate 322.23 MU in a 90% dependable year.

Capacity 100 MW
Design Energy (in 90% dependable year) 322.23 MU
Gross Head 409.60 m
Diversion Structure Gated Barrage with 6 Nos. Radial Gates of 8.00 m (W) x6.740m(H)
Head Race Tunnel 6360.75 m long, Circular Shaped with Dia 3.85 m.
Penstock/Pressure shaft Steel lined (Underground), Circular Shape
Power House 2 Nos. vertical axis Pelton turbine with generating units of 50 MW each.
Village Suind
Tehsil Banjar
District Kullu
State Himachal Pradesh

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Last Updated On 16/08/2018