Chirgaon- Majhgaon HEP

Chirgaon Majhgaon HEP has been allotted to HPPCL by Government of Himachal Pradesh (GoHP) on 08/01/2007 for execution in the State Sector. The project has been contemplated as a power generation development on Pabbar River in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh. It envisages utilization of water through average gross head of 218.49 m for generation of 52 MW of power in a surface power house near village Shaktinagar (Rohru). The project comprises construction of diversion barrage of 16.00 m height with 2 Nos. radial type under sluice gates, each of size 8mx6m, to discharge the design flood of the order 4000 cumec, intake structure to draw 36.34 cumecs discharge through 2 nos openings of size 2.75 m x 2.25 m each, desilting arrangement, 2 no chamber each of 90 m long, 15 m wide & 8.10 m deep for exclusion of silt particles down to 0.25 mm size. Desilted water passes through 10.312 km long HRT,3.75 m dia (Horse shoe type) to surge shaft of 10.0 m dia carrying water further to 580.75 m long & 3.10m dia penstock, bifurcating into 2.20 m dia branch penstocks to feed 26 MW turbines, seated in surface Power House on the right bank of Pabbar river near village Shaktinagar(Rohru). 4.0 m x 3.3 m, rectangular 859.45 m long TRT carries the discharge from turbine back to the Pabbar river. The project is proposed to generate 185.47 MU of electrical energy in 90% dependable year.

Capacity 52MW
Design Energy (in 90% dependable year) 185.47 MU
Gross Head ┬▒ 218.49 m
Diversion Structure Diversion Barrage of 16 m height
Head Race Tunnel 10.312 km long HRT,3.75 m dia (Horse shoe type)
Penstock/Pressure shaft 580.75 m long & 3.10m dia, penstock Circular
Power House Surface, 2 x 26 MW, Francis Turbines
Village Chirgaon
Tehsil Rohru
District Shimla
State Himachal Pradesh
Last Updated On 16/08/2018