Deothal Chanju HEP

Deothal Chanju HEP has been contemplated as run-of-the river scheme on Deothal nallah (Chanju nallah, a tributary of Baira River, in upper reaches is called Deothal Nallah) in Churah Subdivision in District Chamba of Himachal Pradesh, utilizing gross head of 668.41m for generation of 30 MW (three generating units of 10 MW each) in an underground power house. The project is expected to generate annual energy of 101.35 MU in a 90% dependable year.

Capacity 30 MW
Design Energy (in 90% dependable year) 101.35 MU
Gross Head 668.41 m
Diversion Structure Drop type trench weir, ┬▒2810 m; 25 m X 2.00 m
Head Race Tunnel Concrete lined D shaped tunnel 2.10 m X 2.70 m; 4429 m in length.
Penstock/Pressure shaft Underground/Circular steel pipe 1.30 m dia ; ┬▒ 914 m in length.
Power House Under ground ; 85.90 m X 15.30 m X 17.50 m
Village Dantoi
Tehsil Churah
District Chamba
State Himachal Pradesh
Last Updated On 16/08/2018