Surgani Sundla HEP

The Surgani Sundla HEP is envisaged as a Run-of- River scheme on Siul river, a tributary of river Ravi in Chamba District of H.P. It is a downstream development of Baira-Siul HEP (180MW), which is under operation with NHPC.
The project envisages utilization of silt free water available from the tail race outfall of Baira-Siul HEP (180MW) with 77.18 m gross head to generate 48 MW of power in a surface power house located near village Majra, on the right bank of Siul river. It is expected to generate 209.60 MU of electricity in 90% dependable year.

Capacity 48 MW
Design Energy (in 90% dependable year) 209.60 MU
Gross Head 77.18 m
Diversion Structure Rectangular, Open Channel ±2810 m; 8.0 m X 4.00 m, 61 m in length.
Head Race Tunnel Concrete lined modified horse shoe tunnel, 6.20 m dia (finished); 7430 m in length.
Penstock/Pressure shaft Underground/Surfaced – Circular. 5.05 m dia ; 149 m in length.
Power House Surface:60.00 m X 15.00 m.
Village Maira
Tehsil Salooni
District Chamba
State Himachal Pradesh
Nearest Access Chamba-Tissa state highway
Last Updated On 16/08/2018