Bara Khamba HEP

As per PFR, Bara Khamba HEP (45 MW) has been proposed as a run of river scheme on Sorang Nallah, a tributary of River Satluj and is located in District Kinnaur. Diversion structure of the scheme has been proposed up-stream of Sorang village at El. ±2260 m, with water conductor system comprising HRT/Open Channel on the left bank of Sorang Nallah. An underground power house with Min. TWL ±1945 m, has been proposed just upstream of Sorang HEP (150 MW) near Sorang village.

Capacity 45 MW
Design Energy (in 90% dependable year) ±207.70 MU
Gross Head ±315 m
Diversion Structure Drop Type Trench weir
Head Race Tunnel HRT 970 m long, 3.0mx3.5m, concrete lined free flow
Penstock/Pressure shaft Surface, Circular, steel 2.1m dia.
Power House Surface/Underground, 50m x 18m
Village Bara Khamba
Tehsil Nichar
District Kinnaur
State Himachal Pradesh
Last Updated On 16/08/2018