Office Orders (Legal Cell)

Description Issue Date Download
Revised counsel fee for district court & Other subordinate court etc.  06.10.2023  Downlaod View Document527 Kb
Officer Order regarding list of Nodal Officers for moniroting of court cases in their project/ location 01.06.2023 Download View Document441 Kb
Office Order regarding maintenance  of corporate legal cell 09/08/2021 Download View Document733 Kb
Office Order Regarding files in routine nature in corporate office 28/072021 Download View Document325 Kb
Officer Order regarding release of pending Counsel Fee Bill before the closure of Financial Year 2020-21 19/02/2020 Download View Document574 Kb
Office Order regarding list Nodal Officers for monitoring court cases in their projects/location 27/07/2020 Download View Document161 Kb
Office Order regarding matter require legal scrutiny and finance concurrence 17/07/2020 Download View Document334 Kb
Office Order regarding extension of Sr. Advocate J.S. Bhogal 10/07/2020 Download View Document247 Kb
Office Order regarding for obtaining ex-post-facto approval 30/05/2020 Download View Document130 Kb
Office Order of Er. Sunil Kumar Thakur and further posting in Corporate Arbitration Cell 29/08/2019 Download View Document251 Kb
Office Order regarding committee constituted to decide negotiate the rates for Arbitration Cases other cases in HPPCL 07/11/2019 Download View Document 2 Mb
Office Order regarding authorized to sign vakalatnama affidavit 12/02/2020 Download View Document652 Kb
Office Order regarding arbitration cases Kashang HEP 28/01/2020 Download View Document279 Kb
Updated list of Nodal Officers monitoring court cases. 22/01/2020 Download View Document369 Kb
Procedure regarding assignment of court cases/fee to the empanelled Advocates of HPPCL  18/11/2019 Download View Document117 Kb
Office Order regarding GM(CP) authorized to act sign and to file intervention petition.  13/11/2019 Download View Document105 Kb
 Office Order  regarding   maintenance  of record in legal cell   18.10.2019 Download View Document117 Kb
List of Nodel Officers to Monitor the Court Cases  16.08.2019 Download View Document369 Kb
Court Order which have financial implication 31/07/2019 Download View Document403 Kb
Regarding dispute/Arbitration Hearing 31/07/2019 Download View Document254 Kb
Timely Payment of the Council Fee. 19/01/2019 Download View Document 1 Mb
Authorization to DGM(F) for filling income tax appeals. 03/12/2018 Download View Document489 Kb
Office Order regarding authorization for conducting court cases 12/11/2018 download View Document358 Kb
Empannelled Counsel Fees for HP High Court & HPSAT. 09/10/2018 Download View Document508 Kb
Empannelled Counsel Fees for HP High Court & District Courts. 30/04/2009 Download View Document990 Kb
Counsel Fees (Addendum) 26/02/2018 Download View Document443 Kb
Empanelled Counsel Fees for HP High Court & District Courts. 29/07/2008 Download View Document966 Kb
Regarding Entry Tax matters of Sainj HEP. 28/07/2018 Download View Document472 Kb
System Circular regarding Payment of Counsel Fee. 25/04/2018 Download View Document627 Kb
Submission of the detail of pending court cases on the enclosed performa - preparation of data base. 08/01/2018 Download View Document685 Kb
Office Order appointed as nodal officers for monitoring of court cases. 5/09/2017 Download View Document543 Kb
Office Order appointed as nodal officers for monitoring of court cases 07/04/2017 Download View Document 41 Kb
Signing of Vakalatnama with respect to Sainj HEP 04/01/2017 Download View Document 2 Mb
Empanellment of Advocate Sh. Manoj Chauhan and Advocate Sh. Kunal Sharma



Download View Document713 Kb
Signing of Vakalatnama General Manager(CP) 04/07/2014 Download View Document405 Kb
Signing of Vakalatnama with respect to P&A Cell, Manager(P&A) 24/08/2018 Download View Document372 Kb
Signing of Vakalatnama with respect to Dy. General Manager(P&A) 27/08/2014 Download View Document361 Kb
Status of Pending Court Cases  29/05/2018 Download View Document479 Kb
Signing of Vakalatnama, Affidavit etc., DGM(Civil),IKHEP  03/07/2018 Download View Document446 Kb
Regarding Authorization for conducting Court Cases 30/11/2018 Download View Document612 Kb
Instructions regarding fixing of fee of the Arbitrators 30/07/2017 Download View Document318 Kb
Entitlement of the Counsel fee for the empanelled Advocates of HPPCL 22/02/2019 Download View Document369 Kb
Sh. Prem Chand, NT, Nodal Officer for disbursement of Land acquisition award w.r.t Renukaji Dam Project 29/10/2015 Download View Document461 Kb
Signing of Vakalatnama General Manager, Sawra Kuddu HEP 07/01/2019 Download View Document482 Kb
Signing of Vakalatnama General Manager, Sawra Kuddu HEP 23/03/2017 Download View Document283 Kb
Regarding approval of fee/terms for engagement of Sh. Ajay Vaidya 29/10/2014 Download View Document595 Kb
Regarding availing professional services for defending High Court cases M/s Vishal Mohan, Advocates 07/06/2018 Download View Document535 Kb
Notification regarding appointment of Panel Advocates in Department/Boards/Corporations 18/01/2019 Download View Document397 Kb
 Submission of cases to Corporate Office for approval of Competent Authority  19/06/2014 Download View Document846 Kb


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